Top 5 products for surviving these COVID times

Working full-time from home while parenting full-time has been hell on earth. Horrid. I’m dying. While we haven’t had to cope with the added pressure of teaching our kids that are studying at home (or facing the prospects right now of sending them to school in the fall, let alone trying to work while teaching when school starts), we do have a 3 year old and a high needs 1 year old that demand constant attention, all year round.

It’s been interesting to talk with friends (let’s be honest, I mean text or zoom) about the things that are getting all of us through our own individual shit storms. The things I’ve really clung to and enjoyed most perhaps aren’t exactly the things I’d be as obsessed with pre-COVID, but alas, they are life savers.

Here my own personal top 5 products that are making these times slightly more bearable.

1. Disney +: A life-saving streaming service for the parents that need an hour (ok- maybe only 20 minutes) of free time to take a meeting or scarf down a meal interrupted. And, I enjoy the movies probably more than my kids do.

2. Blue Light Blocking Glasses: I am spending all my time in front of screens, either working or working, or working. These obscenely large glasses are cheap as hell but actually reduce a ton of light and stress on my eyes. They’re atrocious but my hubs gets brownie points for saying I’m still sexy.

3. Apple AirPods Pro: These little bluetooth earbuds are a Godsend when in meetings and you get torn away from your computer because, ya know, kids. Plus they have a great background noise canceling feature.

4. Martha Stewart Wine Club: I think it’s pretty fair to say that alcohol consumption has increased for most people. I’m doing a good job of not drinking large amounts in one sitting (generally), but have pretty much gotten up to at least a drink a day, sometimes more on weekends. And Martha has been here to help. I reviewed a crap ton of clubs prior and was interested in this because it was on the cheaper end, but still had good reviews. Each wine I’ve received has been good thus far! Thanks, Martha!

5. Mommy’s Sippy Cup: This was the sweetest surprise from a girlfriend, and this lidded wonder protects me from having “grape juice” spill during evening walks with the kids.

Because spilled wine would throw me over the edge right now.

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