Jamming during COVID times: August 2020 playlist

I’m definitely not in my car listening to the radio as much during this pandemic so finding new music has been slower and harder than normal.

But music certainly helps lift a mood, gives reason to break into a random dance party, or helps keep a shitacular mood stewing if you need that, too.

Here are the songs on my (limited) August playlist. Some new. Some old. All good.

1. I hope- Gabby Barrett — A feisty anthem for anyone that has been cheated on.

2. Heart upon my sleeve – Avicii and Imagine Dragons — The song that comes on and all of the girls in our house can’t help but to get up and dance.

3. Champagne night– Lady Antebellum — Crafted from the TV show Songland, this one makes me wish we were still having date nights and heading out to the bars. Plus, Songland has been one of my fav shows to mindlessly watch, and its music producers are incredible.

4. When we were on fire– James Bay — We love this artist, so he is guaranteed to be on every playlist put together in my house. This one is a bit more upbeat than some of his others I love.

5. Still wonderful– Johnnyswim — This incredible duo, who happens to be the most adorable married couple, literally wrote songs live with strangers during the pandemic. Give them a Google if you don’t know them, and if you do, you might enjoy watching their recorded livestreams as they created these songs with random people online.

6. If the world was ending– JP Saxe — Found this one before COVID started, and it is heartbreaking and has so much yearning and lost love in it. I still can’t get enough of it.

7. Outnumbered– Dermot Kennedy — This guy in incredible. If you don’t know him, you should.

8. All my love– Tyler Brown Williams — For anyone that loved the music on the Twilight movies, this is reminiscent of the chill, angsty vibe of those albums.

9. The entire Dirty Dancing soundtrack — Every song is good. All of ‘em. Try to listen to it without singing along or being swept away into its 80s glory.

10. Dave Matthews — Dave has been doing a few live shows and I try to watch whenever I can. I will forever and always love any and everything he and the band do. It’s always a good time for DMB.

One thought

  1. Suggestion to add to your playlist: “Optimistic Thought” by Blues Traveler. It is impossible to be in a bad mood while listening to this song. As well as anything by Barenaked Ladies. 😀

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