Must Buy Products

So it’s difficult to catch up on years worth of amazing products, but I am going to do my best here.  These are products and brands I’ve personally used for periods of time and highly recommend.  My best advice is buy nice or buy twice, buy the best your budget can afford.  For example, tools don’t depreciate very quickly despite new models coming out every couple of years.  You’ll find these products in action in my various blog posts, across various categories.

Another thing I’ve learned over the years is there is a tool for everything.  Which ultimately makes your DIY projects much, much easier and less time consuming.  Shaving hours and hours off various projects adds up.  Especially now that I’m older and half broken, less chance at throwing out my back! Work smarter, not harder.

Starter Tool Set:  A recommendation I used at my starter condo to finish the basement.

  • Black and Decker helped me finish my basement at my condo. It’s an entry-level brand from a price perspective that is fairly reliable. While I have graduated on to higher end Dewalt tools, for fans on a budget this could accomplish quite a bit of your DIY Projects. (BLACK+DECKER BDCD2204KIT 20-Volt MAX 4-Tool Combo Kit)

Recommended DeWalt Tools:  I am completely invested in Dewalt!

Mechanic Tool / Garage Related:

Outdoor & Lawn Care: 

Floor Tiling Projects / Counter Tops:

Home Preventative / Safety Equipment:

Electrical Work:

Toilet Repair:

  • Jam-Bar Toliet Bolt Lock Wrench – I’ve replaced 4 toilets now at 2 different properties.  EVERY TIME the bolts that hold the toilet down spins freely.  Only after the 3rd time did I really research available options and find this tool.
  • Korky 4010PK Universal Complete Toilet Repair Kit. When I work on a toilet I replace everything. Because its so annoying I’d rather only deal with it once very 10-15 years. I have tried a lot of universal kits and surprisingly they are not always compatible.  I recommend this particular brand and setup, Korky has worked really well for me, and includes all the various parts you need for a variety of toilets.
  • Wax Ring related, I’ve had good success with the Danco model, its less messy to work with and has multiple adjustments for tile, laminate, etc flooring setups.
  • Koehler Enterprises RA990 Multi-Use Siphon Fuel, I dont know what more people dont use something like this to drain the bowl and the tank of water before removing.  Its insane all the crap people do on youtube (Solo cups?!).  Just use this and empty everything in to the sink to make the removal processes much easier and cleaner.
  • Slow close toilet seats are one of those things you dont know you’ve been missing. I use these in high traffic areas or near where baby’s sleep so you dont have a loud bang at 2 am when your fumbling around in the dark. I like the wood models over plastic.



Demo and more significant remodeling:

  • Fubar, simply because its called FuBar.
  • Very versatile pry bar, can access tricky places and is adjustable.
  • Molding/Trim remover, I don’t own this but I’ve seen it in action and if you dont already have wonderbar I would recommend this. Especially if you intend on re-using molding or do not want to damage the drywall.
  • More protective glasses, because things fly at your eye balls.
  • Wonderbars are cheap and fairly easy to maneuver around job sites.
  • Dewalt DCH133B,  Rotary hammer drill : I ended up adding this to my collection for breaking out tile floors and various other applications like that.  I went with the DeWalt to mix with my existing 20v collection.  The Previous “Hammer drill” that I have does not have a “hammer only” function.  That’s where this tool comes in to play.  Breaks up Mortar, thinset, and tile very well. It leverages “SDS-PLUS” bits, I picked up this wide steel chisel for the flooring.
  • Specialized tool for pulling nails if you need to take apart frame work.
  • I’ve had to replace a lot of doors at one time, I recommend a few things to make life a bit easier.
    • Door Hinge Pin Remover
    • Swivel Door and Board Lifter – This is handy if your replacing doors by your self which is my norm.
    • Door Shims, if your house has settled or your door is not staying open these may be used to fix the issues.  If your super cheap you can try bending a door pin and that may help keep the door from closing with gravity.

Misc Tools:

Technology: Stay tuned for rapid updates.


Storage Solutions: I like everything on wheels. If you have access to Costco buy everything there, very similar products and at times half the price of even discounted amazon!

Car Related:

Pets: We have a large English Mastiff, so I don’t mess around with dog toys.

Meal Prep Related:

Diet & Nutrition:


  • Wife and I have tried a dozen yoga mats.  This is the clear winner.  Nice additional accessory mat towel.
  • Bad Back? Snag this, very good for strains or disc issues. I use it for flair ups.
  • I’ve been using a at home Tens device a lot lately since I’m laying a lot of tile. It helps when you have an achy back and its so easy to use/portable I can walk around and do chores while I have them on.
  • Kettlebells are one of the best home fitness pieces of equipment.
  • If anyone is looking for a 80’s fanny pack alternative for the gym check this out. I’ve had the constant struggle of keys and phone at gym or on a run and its annoying as hell if they are in my pocket. With this I don’t even notice I’m carrying them. Its called Flipbelt.

Survival Gear:


Once I got AirPods, I exclusively listen to books on Audible now.  Hit me up if you’d like any recommendations I go through a book or two a month while working on DIY or at the gym.

Baby Gear: