Top ten must-have baby items

Each baby is unique, with different likes, dislikes and personalities and that make it impossible to know exactly what your baby will respond to best.  For what it’s worth, here is our list of top ten must-have baby items that we

#1  Halo cotton swaddle

Also in size “newborn,” this is by far my favorite swaddle that has a lot of versatility depending on your baby’s needs. Easily keep both arms swaddled in, and then transition to one, or both, arms out while still providing a snug fit that will keep your little one from constantly startling themselves awake.

#2    FridayBaby NoseFrida

Colds are a sure thing in baby’s first year, especially if you’re sending them to daycare.  It’s just heartbreaking, but unfortunately there isn’t much you can do.  This seemingly bizarre snot sucker is the best option out there to get boogies out of baby’s nose. Weird?  Yes.  But I haven’t heard one negative thing from anyone who uses it and it’s a staple in our household.

#3    My Brest friend

If you’re breastfeeding, this one is a must. Big enough to support growing baby and crafted to give mama the support she needs. If you’re going to spend most of maternity leave with a baby on the boob, you should be as comfortable as possible!

#4  Swing

A baby swing is a must, especially in those moments you just need your hands free. While we would recommend a Graco DuetSoothe, this is a prime example of individual baby’s tastes. Some like swinging back and forth but not side to side (or vise versa). Some like vibrations and others don’t.  The reason we chose this product is because it gives us ALL of that flexibility, so there is definitely a setting that worked for our little one. Plus it includes six speeds, various sounds and music. What a lifesaver in our house!

#5     Travel system

I didn’t know about these until other friends had babies, but this allows you to put the baby in the baby carrier, and then “click” it into a corresponding stroller or car seat base. That means multiple family members can have a small car seat base installed in their vehicles, and whoever is transporting the baby simply sets the carrier into it.  Genius! You’ll also notice we chose a jogger stroller model (one front wheel) for added suspension and smooth ride. I’d love to say I go jogging with my little nugget (no chance in hell), but we are on the run a lot and I wanted a nice ride for baby.

#6    Boppy lounger

Where do you put an awake baby when you need to pee?  Or take a shower?  BAM- boppy lounger can plop him/her down wherever you are.  We found this lounger to be especially critical in the first weeks (even months) when we just needed to put the baby down for a bit.  It’s comfy and keeps them on a slight incline. Since it’s so easy to pick up and carry, you can take this anywhere in your house (or away from home).

#7    Kick n Play piano

Another Godsend in those moments when you need both hands but have an awake baby that needs to be engaged. This is one that I’m sure not every child will like as much as ours did, but our nugget couldn’t get enough of this from week three on! Gives both her hands and feet something to do, and I felt it really helped her develop her motor skills as she learned to hit and eventually grab onto the playthings hanging down. And she loves the music when she kicks the keys.

#8     Zip-up onesies

We didn’t realize how important these were until we received a few zip-up onesies as gifts and I immediately got on Amazon to buy more.  Especially in non-summer months, these are great to keep baby warm and super easy to get on and off since nothing goes over baby’s head (which is especially hard in the first few weeks). Plus, they don’t fall down or pull up so baby is perfectly covered all day and night!

#9     Bath sponge

Most people are quick to register for all of the baby bath products, including a bath tub, which are things you’ll use all the time. But at the recommendation of my best friend, we also purchased this cheap and awesome bath sponge to use in the first weeks of our little nugget’s life. Let me tell you, bathing a newborn in a tub is not easy, and slightly terrifying when they have no muscle or body tone and are totally dependent on you to hold them up and keep water and soap out of their eyes, ears and mouth.  We laid this sponge on the counter near our sink (can also put in the sink or in the bathtub) with baby laying on top which made baths soooo much easier. I still use this when I need to give a quick scrub to my baby but don’t want the whole hassle of getting a tub ready.

#10   Wonder weeks

More for parents than the baby, this is a book that has saved our sanity more than a few times. A must!  A gift from another set of parents with a new baby, this chronicles the major developmental growth spurts (or leaps) and when they happen.  These leaps can leave parents wondering if there is something wrong with their baby, or if the little one is regressing.  But, often times it’s a good, positive developmental leap! We feel so much more prepared now understanding what she is learning to do, and when, and now are much less frustrated, worried and are even able to help her through it as she learns new skills in this big world.  So far, our baby’s developmental experience has been 100% aligned to what is in this book.  Crazy!

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