I think around the time I seriously got in to PC Gaming Doom 1 and Wolfenstein were the hype.  I remember convincing my Library teacher to let me install it on 8 of the computers in our school so some friends and I could play.  Back in those 486x days when computers had disk drives.  Its just broke so many barriers and then doom 2 came out and the gaming world collectively lost their shit.  It had an impression on me like Contra, where most people my age can still recall the up up down down etc combination for extra lives.  Except I think I recall every standard map, all the secret rooms and can probably beat the levels blind folded.

Doom 3 was released August 2004, in what I can barely believe has been 13 years ago.  Unfortunately my memory fails me and I honestly recall very little.  I know it was reviewed, well.  It pushed the boundaries at a time on the graphics level (my computer at the time could barely run it) and it also spawned a pretty decent movie with The Rock in it among other actors ;-).  Ultimately this game succeeded in bringing a 2d world in to the very competitive 3d world.  It spawned many “horror” games because Doom 3 was all about scaring the shit of of you and introducing some of the old familiar guns, monsters, with various new twists.

Doom, 2016 edition is incredibly fast paced, brutal, and makes me relive all of the doom 1-2 glory in today’s technology. After completing the single player campaign for the first pass on Ultra-Violent,  I can not recommend it enough.

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