Pet Lovers Unite – Ultimate Dog Gift

So this is a short post to inform you that this is the greatest dog invention ever.  I purchased it almost a year ago and Bane, our English Mastiff, still goes crazy for it each time we let him out to pee and he can get his paws on it.  It’s like the movie Up, he just catches it out of the corner of his eye (bright orange) and he’s like “squirrel!!”

Below is  a video of Bane (150 lbs). The ball we’re showing is the 10″ model from Amazon but a lot of sizes exist.  The key is a size that he can’t get his mouth around.  This essentially is a hard soccer ball, and he is a soccer legend at this point.

 Virtually Indestructible Ball




Our baby Siena & Bane posing for the camera! 😉

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