BMW – Never Owned One


I’ve never owned a BMW.  But since before I even appreciated cars I’ve always been a huge fan boy of the BMW Short films.  These films were filmed brilliantly and in many cases were very, very funny (“Star”).  I’ve also always been a fan of Clive Owen, in large part because of the character he portrayed.  In addition, the latest video showcases another of my favorite actors, Jon Bernthal, as the villain. Who BTW is going to have his own spin off “The Punisher”  in 2017, a spin off from Daredevil which is also surprisingly good.

Anyway, I present to you the latest BMW Short Film showcasing the M4:

For the fellow fan boys, below are links to a few other films I enjoyed.

My Favorite by far, with Madonna:

Pretty solid one “Beat the Devil ” starring Clive Owen, Gary Oldman, James Brown and the BMW Z4:

Great one, “Ticker” Clive Owen and the BMW Z4:

Several more exist, youtube is your friend. Enjoy!

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