Battery Power LED Lights

You don’t know how nifty these things are until you’ve installed them EVERYWHERE.  I’ve had a constant struggle with our pantry in the Kitchen. It was built without and light of its own (WTF).  So in 2017 I set out to find some kind of battery power “warm” LED solution that would light the tiers so I stop eating the wrong damn cereal when its 4am and I dont want to turn the lights on and be blinded in the kitchen.  New life struggles when you have a newborn.

So I found these nuggets on amazon, a set of 3 was only $15

I’ve used products by “Lighting EVER” Which is the brand.  Every 4w spotlight bulb in my house (probably around 60+) is from this company.  They have some very reasonable priced LED bulb products.

Anyway, PROOF IN THE PUDDIN PEOPLE! Check this out

They are motion sensing, shut off after about 15 seconds and take about 4 AAA Batteries.  I haven’t figured out how long they last but they are brilliant. I’ve purchased 6 so far, many for the Pantry in addition to our master bathroom to navigate the toilet late night without using blasting the bright lights or tripping over everything.  They come with 3M Tape and a Magnet for most applications.  That way you can pull them down with no effort and replace batteries.  For my pantry because its a wire shelving system I actually used two zip ties to secure them.

Other Lighting EVER Products I’d recommend

Track Lighting Bulbs – I’ve got these in my Theater, and in about 12 track lights in the basement.  If you find a better deal than 6 for $21 let me know. By the way, make sure you buy the Dimmable models. (Lesson Learned)

DIY Is Life,